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International prospective students (degree)


Welcome to our website for international prospective students (degree students) at the HTW Dresden. This page will provide to you all relevant information on how to apply, our application requirements, residence issues as well as student fees and scholarship opportunities. 

We look forward to you application and look forward to receive your inquiry! 

Steps to apply via uni-Assist e.V.

Please take a few moments to read the following application information carefully. 

Please find all current Bachelor, Master and Diplom study programmes at the HTW Dresden as well as dates for the semester start (winter- or summersemester) >> here.

International student applicants must submit verification of a university entrance qualification before starting a study programme at the HTW Dresden, which is of equivalent value to a German university entrance qualification, i.e. the prior level of education corresponds to the standard of the German A' level (Abitur) programme. Under certain circumstances applicants may prepare for their chosen studies at a Studienkolleg, and complete the "assessment test" in order to attain their entrance qualification. Comprehensive, multilingual information can be found on the applicant portal provided by the Application Services Centre for international student applications (uni-assist e.V.):  ► www.uni-assist.de

Please note: The registration deadlines for the suitability test at the Faculty of Design: Product Design B.A., M.A.: 1 June. 



► www.hszg.de/studienkolleg

The Studienkolleg is an educational establishment at which international student applicants in possession of an international university entrance qualification - which is not of equal value with a German university entrance qualification - can prepare for studying at a German university. The preparatory courses on offer at a Studienkolleg run for 1 to 2 semesters and are concluded with the completion of the "assessment test". Before beginning the preparatory courses a suitability test is to be completed, which is conducted approximately four weeks before beginning training. This test stipulates German language skills acquired from approximately 600-800 hours of training as well as an elementary understanding of mathematics. Foundation training in the German language is not provided at the Studienkolleg. The Studienkolleg of the HTW Dresden is located at the university of Zittau/Görlitz.

Registering for the Studienkolleg in Zittau/Görlitz is done via the HTW Dresden after submitting a proper application for a study place.

Depending on the language requirement of the selected study programme, the HTW Dresden stipulates the following language skill verifications for an application to study:


German language requirements (for German and German/English-taught programmes)

  • DSH-2 (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) OR
  • Test DaF-4 (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache), minimum of level 4 OR
  • telc German C1 Hochschule OR
  • Goethe-Certificate C2 (Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom) OR
  • assessment test certificate (Feststellungsprüfung) that includes DSH-2 OR
  • Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz, miminum of level 2

English language requirements B. Eng. Electrical Engineering

English-Certificate B2-level according to the Common European Framework of Reference

  • TOEFL Internet-based (iBT) at least 80 points OR
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) at least Band 6.0 OR
  • Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) OR
  • Cambridge English (ESOL)

English language requirements M. Eng. Environmental Engineering

  • at least 550 points in the TOEFL Test OR
  • Grade 6.5 in the IELTS-Test OR
  • Grade B in the Cambridge Certificate “Advanced English” OR
  • Cambridge Certificate “Proficiency in English”

Additional language requirements B. A. International Business 

  • English-Certificate B2-level according to the Common European Framework of Reference
  • French-Certificate B1-level according to the Common European Framework of Reference OR
  • Spanish A2-level according to the Common European Framework of Reference

Additional language requirements M. A. International Business

  • English-Certificate C1-level according to the Common European Framework of Reference

Additional language requirements M. Eng. Business Administration and Engineering

  • English-Certificate B2-level according to the Common European Framework of Reference

Please prepare and submit the following application documents: 

  • Application form, completely filled out and signed (part of the online application)
  • Confirmation of fee paid to uni-assist e.V.
  • 1 photo (e.g. passport photo) in color, size: 3,5 x 4,5 cm
  • A copy of the page in your passport which contains your name and passport photo
  • Notarised copy and notarised translation (German  or English) of your transcript of results entitling you to university study
  • As required, notarised copies and notarised translations (German or English) of certificates with transcripts of results, which were previously obtained from a university study programme
  • only for students attending the Studienkolleg Zittau: A notarised copy of the certificate relating to the assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung) with the grades for the individual assessment subjects
  • Notarised copy of the certificate pertaining to German language skills or pertaining to the undertaking of a German course not get completed
  • Copy of residency permit if your place of residence is currently in Germany
  • Applicants from the People's Republic of China, Mongolia and Vietnam: Original from the Academic Evaluation Centre (APS)

Please state your email address on the application, in order that we can reach you quickly and clarify any remaining questions.


Apply via uni-Assist e.V. 

► www.uni-assist.de

Use the uni-assist online application and subsequently send the necessary application documentation together with the printed out and signed application form in paper format to the following address:

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden

c/o uni-assist e.V.

11507 BERLIN



Assessing application documentation

The assessment of your documentation is undertaken by uni-assist, subsequent to its receipt and payment of the fee. Here, an assessment is made of its completeness, its fulfilment of subject-specific and linguistic admission requirements for the study programme being applied for. If your documentation fulfils the formal admission requirements, uni-assist e.V. shall forward your documentation to the HTW Dresden. You will also receive a notification from uni-assist and a conditional admission from the HTW. If you still need to complete the assessment test or the German language test (DSH-2), the HTW Dresden shall also send you an invitation for the Studienkolleg.


Information on admission

Subsequent to completing the admission process you shall receive from the HTW Dresden after completing the admission process a final confirmation of admission to study the desired study programme. If your application could not be considered given the high number of applicants, you shall receive a confirmation of non-admission (rejection). If you do not yet fulfil the admission requirements, uni-assist will inform you accordingly and request that you subsequently submit the necessary verifications.

Summer semester: 30th November of the previous year

Winter semester: 15th June of the same year

Only applications that have been received by these dates can be processed. Please be cautious to apply in due time in case uni-Assist e.V. requires you to provide additional application documents not listed here

The uni-assist checking process requires the payment of fees. Please get more information about the exact fee amount on the following website:

Please transfer the fees to uni-assist's account at the same time that you send your application and include the proof of payment of fees with your application:


If the transfer is being sent internationally, please note that any extra fees charged by your bank must also be paid. Your application will only be processed after the required fees have been received!

International student applicants who are non-EU member nationals require a student entry visa.

A tourist visa does not entitle you to undertake direct studies, and it cannot be converted into a residence permit or student entry visa in Germany!

Student applicants shall receive a certificate for the purposes of applying for a visa to study in Germany subsequent to an assessment of the requirements for study based on the application documentation submitted, for the timely application for a student visa with the respective diplomatic office of the Federal Republic of Germany in their home country.


Further links:


Approximately 600-€800 per month should be budgeted for living costs. This amount includes the cost of renting a room in the halls of residence, catering, study materials, Social Security contributions, health insurance and the semester fee >> Current semester fee at the HTW.



International applicants are recommended to before arriving in Germany and starting with their studies at the HTW Dresden to enquire about the possibility of receiving a scholarship for the period of study.  The following databases provide useful information when searching for scholarships:


DAAD Scholarship database

The Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst (DAAD) offers (international) students the possibility of finding - as part of a scholarship database - nationwide scholarships in line with their individual line and phase of study .

Further information can be found here.


Stipendienlotse (Scholarship guide, BMBF)

The  Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) offers an interactive platform with its scholarship guide (Stipendienlotse), the use of which will allow you to find the right scholarship for you, based on your desired criteria. The comprehensive scholarship database can be filtered using many different criteria. The scholarship guide is a central point of contact for nationwide and international scholarships within the private and public sector.

The scholarship guide can be found under: www.stipendienlotse.de/.


Stipendium PLUS (Scholarship PLUS) - Foundations for the highly talented in higher education

Scholarships provided by the initiative "Stipendium Plus - Begabtenförderung im Hochschulbereich"  (Scholarship Plus - Foundations for the highly talented in higher education" is aimed at the highly qualified and responsible scientists of tomorrow, who are up to the challenges posed by being the high performers of the future.

Further information on the individual foundations, their funding opportunities and their requirements profiles can be found here.



International students have the possibility of working during their studies in Germany (part time job). The following statutory framework conditions shall apply here:

International students from the following countries:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, United Kingdom or Cyprus

are permitted to work without authorisation in part-time employment during their studies. This employment may not exceed 20 hours per week, in order to remain excluded from making contributory payments to the statutory pension scheme.

International students originating from countries which are not listed here may undertake 120 days of full employment and 240 days of half-day employment. The local immigration authorities must be notified accordingly: >> Immigration Authorities (Ausländerbehörde) Dresden.

The DAAD provides more information on this topic at:https://www.study-in.de/de/aufenthalt-planen/job-und-karriere/nebenjob_26928.php. 

Further information

If you are applying simultaneously to more than one university, please check whether the other universities of your choice also require the uni-assist process.

An up-to-date list of all "uni-assist" universities can be found here

Please use a separate application form for every individual university! All other documents only need to be submitted in single copy form!  Depending on the university and/or subject, different documentation may be required. Please note that when using the uni-assist you may only actually apply to universities that use the uni-assist process.

Applications for universities which do not require a prior assessment using uni-assist cannot be processed by uni-assist nor forwarded to the actual intended university.

Submitting an application to join a senior semester is possible when recognising grades and work completed from another university study programme in Germany or abroad.

Please also fill out, print out and submit the application forms (pdf) Application and a complete, up-to-date certification - the transcript of records - as well as module and subject descriptions (regarding the content and scope of the subject courses). The verifications must be notarised and translated into German or English. If the notarised verifications or the separate application form is missing, processing your application for a senior semester is not possible!

International prospective students can participate in an guest audition with up to six selected modules of the first semester of a study programme. Please first submit a completed application (pdf) upon presentation of your residence permit to the Student Secretariat (studentensekretariat@htw-dresden.de). 

Application deadlines for guest auditions:

  • for the winter semester: 30.09. of the same year
  • for the summer semester: 15.03. of the same year

The semester fee for a guest audition is 30 euros. 

Please find all available modules of the 1st semester of your chosen study programme at https://apps.htw-dresden.de/en/modulux-moduldatenbank/frontend/study-program/?no_cache=1. 

Once your audition application has been confirmed you will receive an auditor’s certificate when your application is approved. Please keep this on you at all times while at the HTW Dresden.

Please contact Mrs. Shalene Schmidt (see contact details on the left menu bar) if you have any questions concerning your guest audition at the HTW Dresden. 

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