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Schedule for student applicants


Here is a short schedule planner for a successful start to your study programme, and an overview of the dates which are important during your orientation phase, your application, your admission and matriculation.


Open day in January

The Saxony-wide introductory day in January gives you a chance to get "hands on" with studying. Experience HTW life with our students and professors in what is very much a normal day.

  • Campus Friedrich-List-Platz 1 in 01069 Dresden and
  • Campus Pillnitzer Platz 1 in 01326 Dresden

We will answer your questions regarding study opportunities and the study requirements such as those regarding the application, possible suitability tests and entrance examinations etc. Further information can be found here.

15 January

End of the registration deadline for the entrance examination for professionally qualified candidates (Section 17 Para 5 SächsHSFG).

Open day in March/April

Visit the HTW on a relaxed Saturday in March/April where can find all the information you specifically need regarding our study programmes, our application requirements and the campus. Why not use your stay to discover more about Dresden as the city of art and culture. We would also be happy to furnish you with great value overnight stay options provided by the student union Dresden. Further information on the open day can be found here.

1 May - Start of applications

Submit your application in May for a study programme beginning in the winter semester (1 September) quickly  and easily using our online portal. As a rule, the

  • electronic entry of your application data and
  • the uploading of a passport photo is sufficient.

Only in exceptional circumstances and with Master applications must additional written documentation be submitted. You can then follow the status of your application with ease via your own personal portal access.

31 May

If you have attained your university entrance qualification before 16 January of the given year, i.e. in the vast majority of cases your A-level certificate, you may submit your application to us up until 31 May.

1 June - Registration deadline for suitability test

The application for the Bachelor and for the Master study programme Product Design stipulates a suitability test. Please register your details for the respective test by 1 June with the form below.

The folder containing artistic-design related work is only to be brought on the day of the suitability test

Together with the form, please also submit the portfolio with your own artistic-design related work and any work developed on a cooperative basis.


Please send your registration for the suitability test to the Secretariat of the Faculty of Design:


Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden

Faculty of Design

PF 12 07 01

01008 Dresden


The Faculty of Design can be reached via the following visitor’s address:


Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden

Faculty of Design

Friedrich-List-Platz 1

01069 Dresden


15 July - Application deadline

The application deadline (cut-off date) for a study programme starting in the winter semester ends on 15 July.

Insofar as you are requested to submit a written application, please submit this including all necessary verifications by this date.

  • Exception: If your university entrance qualification was only issued after 10 July, you may still submit your application six working days after the date of issuance.

Applications which are submitted after the expiration of the application deadline are only taken into consideration if there are still places available in the affected study programme.


  • Admission

If your application is successful you will receive your electronic confirmation of admission by mid August, for download via your personal portal access. We will inform you by email beforehand regarding the specific time of the decision.

You can find up-to-date information regarding the conclusion of the selection process and the status of admission for study programmes subject to admission restrictions here. Here you can also find the current NC values for each study programme.

For study programmes not subject to admission restrictions you will receive your admission, as a rule, immediately after the receipt of your electronic application. Admission to these study programmes is therefore already possible from May onwards.

  • Accepting a study place

You must except your place within a deadline of two weeks after being awarded admission. To do so, go to your personal portal and print out the

- Declaration of acceptance

and submit this together with any necessary verifications as required.

- As required, university entrance qualification (subsequent to a request issued in the confirmation of admission)

- Receipt confirming payment of the semester fee

- Certificate confirming health insurance from 1 October

- As required, further verifications (subsequent to a request issued in the confirmation of admission)

  •  Application for a place or residence

With your admission you can submit an application to the Student union Dresden for a place of student residence.


  • Matriculation

You have accepted your place and will be matriculated in September. This means that you will become a member of the HTW Dresden as a student. Your confirmation of matriculation, your student ID and your semester ticket along with other documentation (including certification relating to your matriculation for submission with third parties) shall be sent to you by post.

  • Succession process

The succession process for study programmes subject to admission restrictions takes place - insofar as is required - in September. If your application is taken into consideration here, you may still be admitted to your chosen studies.


  • Introduction week

During the first week of October you can expect to experience a comprehensive introductory programme provided by the faculties and the student council, to ensure your successful start in your studies. Further information can be found here before the start of your semester.

  • Celebratory matriculation

There will also be a traditional celebratory event during the introduction week to mark your matriculation.

  • Course start

Your course events (lectures, seminars etc.) start in the second week of October.


Studierende müssen einer Krankenversicherung angehören und dies bei der Einschreibung durch eine von ihrer Krankenkasse ausgestellte Versicherungsbescheinigung mit den dazugehörigen Meldevordrucken nachweisen. Die Vorlage der Krankenversicherungschipkarte ist nicht ausreichend.

Für die Krankenversicherung gibt es drei Möglichkeiten:

  • im Rahmen einer Familienversicherung über Eltern oder Ehegatten (im Regelfall bis zum 25. Lebensjahr)
  • durch eine gesetzliche studentische Krankenversicherung
  • durch eine freiwillige Versicherung bei einer gesetzlichen oder Ersatzkrankenkasse oder durch eine private Krankenversicherung bei einer privaten Krankenkasse. Bei einer privaten Krankenversicherung muss eine Bescheinigung über die Befreiung von der gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung vorgelegt werden.

Schreibt die Studienordnung Ihres gewählten Studienganges eine praktische Studienphase vor, in der Sie Credits erwerben, läuft die Krankenversicherung weiter.

Haftpflicht- und Unfallversicherung

Studierenden wird empfohlen, eine private Haftpflichtversicherung abzuschliessen.
Die Studierenden sind während des Studiums gegen die Folgen eines mit dem Studium unmittelbar zusammenhängenden Unfalls im Rahmen der gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung über die Unfallkasse Sachsen versichert.

Kindergeld kann zunächst während der Übergangsphase zwischen Schule und Studium gezahlt werden. Dies gilt für höchstens vier Monate; Sonderegelungen bei (Neben-)Beschäftigungen sind zu beachten. Darüber hinaus kann Kindergeld für Studierende zwischen dem 18. und 25. Lebensjahr gezahlt werden. Der Antrag ist auch rückwirkend möglich.

Der Studienbeginn muss gegenüber der Kindergeldstelle durch eine Bescheinigung der Hochschule nachgewiesen werden - die Immatrikulationsbescheinigung. Sie wird allen neuen Studierenden der HTW Dresden zu Beginn des Studiums (im Wintersemester ca. Mitte September) via Post zugesandt. Die Fortdauer des Studiums ist jedes Semester wieder mit einer aktuellen Immatrikulationsbescheinigungen nachzuweisen. Diese erhalten Sie nach erfolgreicher Rückmeldung zum neuen Semester.

Ausführliche Hinweise und ein „Merkblatt Kindergeld“ finden Sie bei der Arbeitsagentur.  

Last changed: 03.05.2019  |  Author: E. Walser