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Costs / Financing

Semester contributions

For the student union, student council and the semester ticket a semester contribution is due to be paid every semester. The current level of this contribution can be found in the current list (below). 

Should you have any questions please contact the Student Secretariat (please see right in column).

The payment of the semester fee is simultaneously deemed to be a re-registration to study. Re-registration should be made at the self service terminal upon payment using your debit card (EC Karte) or, in exceptional cases, by bank transfer to the following account.

tuition fees

For undergraduate and consecutive study programmes, as a general rule no tuition fees are charged. 

For a second degree, however, fees in the amount of EUR 300 will be charged in addition to the semester fee, which can be waived under certain circumstances. The amount of tuition fees and further information can be taken from the following 

Last changed: 24.01.2019  |  Author: E. Walser