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Information for refugees


Every day people from different cultures and religions come together to study, teach and conduct research at the Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTW Dresden). The Humboldt's ideal of a globalized science is lived here quite naturally. More than 400 international students and staff attend each semester our university, at the same time, many of our students and staff are welcomed guests in other countries. This exchange provides fresh impetus and enriches our work. The transfer of experience and knowledge across borders is an essential catalyst in developing our future. In choosing growth over stagnation, we make ourselves a part of this future.

"We are responsible for ensuring that this is lived at our university and in Dresden - nothing else is acceptable. The HTW Dresden explicitly supports the initiative of the German Rectors' Conference "Weltoffene Hochschulen - Gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit". Universities are places enlightened thinking and stand up for open-mindedness, tolerance and diversity of opinion." 

Prof. Dr. Roland Stenzel (Rector)


Together with Dresden-Concept, the HTW Dresden is committed to social tolerance toward foreigners in and around Dresden. If you or your group have any ideas for an HTW project to assist refugees, please contact Ms Mrs. Shalene Schmidt (plrease find her contact details in the menu on the right).

More information about Dresden-concept is available here.

Last changed: 12.07.2018