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Study preparation

We welcome international prospective refugee students who intend to pursue an academic degree at the HTW Dresden! On this page we provide information about different study preparation programmes at the HTW Dresden. Please find our currently available study programmes here.

Current programms

The HTW Dresden offers all prospective students study preparation programmes that are mostly free of charge. These include Mathematics-Intensive Courses, Mathematics-Bridging Courses Online (OMB+), didactical-education workshops ("Studieren leicht gemacht") and the online plattform UP2study. Further information about these programmes and their coordinators is available at https://www.htw-dresden.de/en/studying/prospective-students/preparing-for-your-studies.html.  

Those seeking or entitled to asylum can participate in up to six selected modules of the 1st semester per study programme free of charge. Please first submit a completed application (pdf) upon presentation of your residence permit to the Student Secretariat (studentensekretariat@htw-dresden.de). 

Application deadlines for guest auditions:

  • for the winter semester: 30.09. of the same year
  • for the summer semester: 15.03. of the same year

Please find all available modules of the 1st semester of your chosen study programme at https://apps.htw-dresden.de/en/modulux-moduldatenbank/frontend/study-program/?no_cache=1. 

Download the application for a guest audition here.

Once your audition application has been confirmed you will receive an auditor’s certificate when your application is approved. Please keep this on you at all times while at the HTW Dresden. Please contact Mrs. Shalene Schmidt (see contact details on the left menu bar) if you have any questions concerning your guest audition at the HTW Dresden. 

International prospective students with a refugee background as well as their assistants can request individual couneling sessions focussing on the following issues: 

  • Study programmes at the HTW Dresden
  • Application and admission requirements
  • Viewing of university entrance certificates obtained abroad (no official review provided!)
  • German language programmes 
  • Financial and scholarship information
  • Guest auditor application
  • Networking to external services for refugees

If you wish to set up an individual counseling session please contact Mrs. Shalene Schmidt (please see her contact details in the menu on the right) or visit her during her regular office hours. 

Starting on 1st December 2017, the HTW Dresden issues a proof of counseling for prospective students with a refugee background in order to provide a free application via uni-Assist e.V. Please meet the following requirements to receive a proof of counselling:  

  • plausbible study prospect at the HTW Dresden
  • chosen study programme and knowledge of the respective content
  • formal requirements (certified university entrance, German B2-level*)
  • attendance at one counselling session (minimun)

With the prrof of counselling you are able to register at the Portal zur Kostenbefreiung. That followed you can start your application via uni-Assist e.V.

A proof of counselling is only issued for prospective students of the HTW Dresden!

* Please note that in order to apply via uni-Assist e.V. a proof of German B2-level is required. In order to receive an admission to study at the HTW Dresden, a proof of German C1-level is strictly required! >> Language requirements for studying at the HTW Dresden

Last changed: 17.10.2018