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What is the OMB+?

With the online Mathematics bridge course, in short OMB+ you will be best prepared for a degree course at the HTW Dresden involving higher Mathematics. With the OMB+ you can refresh your mathematical skills acquired during school. In the bridge course you can expect explanatory texts with many examples, interactive images, exercise tasks and tests.


In terms of structure the OMB+ is also suitable for reactivating mathematical skills acquired in school during your studies. In other words, you can hone your foundation skills in Mathematics while remaining flexible in terms of time and location, you simply need the Internet and the browser.

Furthermore, the OMB+ will be a frequent feature in your foundation lectures in Mathematics at the university.


for the OMB+ is here. There is no fixed start date. You decide when, where and how often you would like to learn with the OMB+. You simply require Internet access and a browser. You can choose to learn on your own or together with other course participants in a virtual tutorial.


Access to the platform is free of charge for prospective students and registered students, and is financed by the HTW Dresden.


Get in touch with the tutors of the OMB+, who are available to help you between 10:00 and 20:00. They can be reached under the Skype name "ombplus".



Last changed: 24.01.2019  |  Author: J. Halgasch