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Prior knowledge Mathematics

Essential prior knowledge in Mathematics when starting your studies

The successful completion of a number of subject areas involving Mathematics during your studies requires a corresponding level of prior knowledge from your school time. In order for you to test yourself as to whether your current level of knowledge in Mathematics is in line with our expectations regarding prior knowledge, we have compiled tasks from various subject areas of school Mathematics as a task catalogue for you. The expected level of prior knowledge for the individual study programmes is extremely varied, due to the fact that the content of the subject areas regarding Mathematics is adapted to the different requirements of the individual study programmes. Mathematical skills you must be confident in applying include powers, square roots and logarithms. You should also be able to solve equations up to a certain level of difficulty, and know elementary functions and their characteristics. In some study programmes it is also expected that you possess a prior level of knowledge concerning differential and integral calculus, as well as vector calculations, which will allow for an immediate expansion of your existing knowledge base. A list of the chapters in this task catalogue, which are of particular importance to you can be found in the following table. If you are already in possession of a good level of prior knowledge regarding the topics in the other chapters, this is of course an advantage. Furthermore, a foundation knowledge in stochastics and/or statistics in many study programmes is also desirable, but initially not part of this collection of tasks.

necessary recommended
Agronomics Chapter 1-3, 4.1
Last changed: 24.01.2019  |  Author: J. Halgasch