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What does UP2study have to offer?

UP2study is a learning platform with which you can find learning content to prepare for studying. This will help you to refresh rusty knowledge or acquire new knowledge you will require in future.
From Autumn 2016 UP2study will be offering learning content aimed at preparing candidates for Mathematics during studies.

In addition to preparing for Mathematics with the help of many video tutorials and tests, in future other more general topics will also be on offer such as, for example: “What's the right way to study? or proper time- and self-management.


The work setup is flexible. You can work whenever, wherever and how often you like. You simply require an Internet connection and a standard browser.

Click here to go to UP2study: http://up2study.moodle-kurse.de/

There is no fixed start date. You decide when, where and how often you learn using the platform. You simply require the Internet and a browser.


Access to the platform is free of charge and completely non-binding.

Last changed: 16.06.2017  |  Author: J. Halgasch