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HAWtech exchange semester

Logo HochschulAllianz für Angewandte Wissenschaften (HAWtech)

Information about the HAWtech network

Strong Regions, Strong Universities - Connecting Interests

Under this guiding principle, six leading universities in the fields of Engineering founded the nationwide "Higher Education Alliance for Applied Sciences" (HAWtech) on 11.12.2009. Founders of this alliance include the FH Aachen, HTW Berlin, HS Darmstadt, HTW Dresden, HS Esslingen and HS Karlsruhe.

Each of the participating universities has a strong technical focus, and enjoys an excellent reputation in this area, as well as being situated in one of the most economically attractive regions in Germany. Altogether, around 47,000 students are enrolled at HAWtech universities.

Information about the HAWtech exchange semester

Under the motto "Strong Regions, Strong Universities - Connecting Interests", the Rectors and Presidents of the Higher Education Alliance for Applied Sciences (HAWtech) decided on a joint programme at their meeting in Aachen, which should promote the mobility and internal exchange of students between the six universities. The first students of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering will be able to take advantage of the new offer as early as the coming winter semester 2010/11, and will be able to switch to one of the six partner universities for one semester in each case.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Schwarz, Rector of Esslingen University and spokesman for HAWtech, views the mobility of students as an important task within the framework of the Bologna Process. Universities of applied science in Germany have been very successful in implementing university reforms; this has also been verified by the positive response from business and the economy with regard to the new Bachelor and Master study programmes. The agreed exchange programme now offers students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and improve their prospects in the employment market. Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Meisel, Rector of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, explained: "That's an important offer. Our students are just waiting for it to start. " In the words of Prof. Dr. Maria Overbeck-Larisch, President of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, the alliance also has a firm grip on the practical aspects of such an exchange. There should be no obstacles for students, either in the search for accommodation or in the tuition fees. The exchange semesters form part of the existing study programmes, and any course achievements are fully credited. The application deadline for the first round of the exchange programme was 30.04.2010.

If you would like to participate in the student exchange within the HAWtech network, please complete the form below. After obtaining all the relevant signatures from the points of contact at your home university, please contact the Student Secretariat at the HTW Dresden.

Bologna is alive!

The universities working together within the HAWtech university network offer their undergraduate students an exchange semester at one of the other member universities. Initially, the exchange will take place in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.
The time point will primarily be the 4th semester.
The exchange programme is due to start in the WS 2010/11. The application deadline for students is 30 April of every year for the upcoming winter semester and 31 October for the upcoming summer semester.
Prior to your exchange, a study contract between the home university and the host university must be completed (for the form, please see right column).

Information on organisational matters is provided by the Student Secretariat of the HTW Dresden.
(Basis: Cooperation Agreement Student Exchange dated 07.05.2010)

Last changed: 24.01.2019  |  Author: Department of Student Affairs