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Student Affairs

Department of Student Affairs

In the lecture hall

Essentially, the Student Affairs department is responsible for all manner of student matters. It includes the Student Secretariat   (Registration Office), the Examination Office, the Student Advisory Service, Timetable and Room Planning and computer systems support.

HTW Dresden
Department of Student Affairs
Friedrich-List-Platz 1, 01069 Dresden
Telephone: +49 (0351) 462 22 24
Postfach 12 07 01, D-01008 Dresden
Email: dezstud@htw-dresden.de

Student Secretariat (Registration Office)

The Student Secretariat (Registration Office), which is assigned to the Department of Student Affairs, is entrusted with the practical matters of study organisation such as applications, enrollments, leaves of absence, guest lectureships, feedback, change notifications, ex-matriculations etc.

HTW Dresden
Student Secretariat
Building address: Friedrich-List-Platz 1, D- 01069 Dresden
Postal address: PF 12 07 01, D-01008 Dresden
Tel.: (0351) 462 2597 or 462 2257
Email: studentensekretariat@htw-dresden.de

Last changed: 11.09.2019  |  Author: Department of Student Affairs