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Celebratory ex-matriculation

Ceremony of ex-matriculation held by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering / Process Engineering on 04.12.2009

Ex-matriculation signals the end of a person’s studies:

  • at the request of the student,
  • after the successful completion of studies*,
  • after a final fail,
  • in case of an absent or incomplete re-registration,
  • at the end of the study period (standard period of study + extension, which the Saxon Higher Education Act permits to a maximum) or
  • in case of the non-fulfilment of other matriculation requirements (health insurance membership, etc.).

* This date must be entered on a form (de-registeration / declaration of discharge). The date of ex-matriculation can be:

  • the day of a student’s defence during the final examination at the HTW Dresden,
  • the end of the semester in which the examination took place,
  • or the day on which the certificate is issued (or dispatched by mail) - this day falls in the following semester, re-registration is excluded.

Application for ex-matriculation

Last changed: 24.01.2019  |  Author: Department of Student Affairs