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Guest student

In the auditorium

Registration as a guest student is possible upon written request. The guest student membership must be applied for in relation to a specific study programme at the HTW. Within the desired study programme you can sign up for a maximum of six modules.

A guest student membership must be applied for by 30.09. for the WS, and by 15.03. for the SS at the Student Secretariat - for each individual semester. Upon approval by the respective Faculty, the Student Secretariat will provide you with a guest student certificate, which you must bring with you each time you visit the HTW.

If capacity for an event has been exhausted, you have no right to participate.

Module examinations can be taken after submitting an application to the Examination Office (at the latest one week before the examination).

Guest students are not members of the university.

The fee for a guest student membership is EUR 30 per semester.

Last changed: 24.01.2019  |  Author: Department of Student Affairs