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The offers provided by Study+ help you master the challenges of studying, expand your professional horizons and prepare you for your professional career.

Current events


To expand your own professional horizons: Studium Integrale

Studium Integrale builds on your expertise and contributes to your holistic education. This offer of support enables the attainment of key qualifications that help you to develop your personal skills and enable you to handle complex, multidisciplinary problems.

Questions? Alexandra Seifert, Tel.: 0351/ 462 - 2060Email: alexandra.seifert@htw-dresden.de.

Further information: www.htw-dresden.de/integrale

Support in scientific writing: Writing Workshop

In the course of your studies you write various scientific texts - from the seminar paper to internship reports to your final thesis. Often you are facing large question marks at the beginning, in the course and at the end. The writing workshop of the Center for Interdisciplinary Education is your central contact point for questions of any kind. A special focus is on concrete work techniques that make writing easier. Individual and competent support is always available on Thursdays from 10.00 to 11.30 in room B 302.

Questions? Kerstin Kathy Meyer-Ross, Tel.: 0351/ 462 - 2554, Email: meyer-ross@htw-dresden.de

Linguistic challenges in writing: Language workshop

The language experts of the Center for Interdisciplinary Education support you with questions about expression, grammar, spelling and punctuation, especially in the languages German and English. Thus, this offer is also aimed at students who write scientific texts in a non-native language. Here you will learn - based on text excerpts written by you - to recognize your specific problem areas and correct errors independently. This will deepen your knowledge of the language and get to know linguistic subtleties. You will express yourself more precisely and make it much easier for your readership. Individual and competent support is always available on Thursdays from 10.00 to 11.30 in room B 302.

Questions? Beate Virk, Tel.: 0351/462 - 2525, E-Mail: beate.virk@htw-dresden.de

Guideline instructions for writing theses: Module "Scientific Papers”

You need to write a seminar, Bachelor or other scientific paper and require help? The "Scientific Papers" module introduces you to the basics and offers you tips and hints on this topic. You will acquire the skills involved in writing scientific papers using the materials and videos available, and you will receive information about existing classroom courses and advisory opportunities at the HTW Dresden.
The module will be available from the end of November 2017 in OPAL via this link. The course is a joint module offered by the library, the eCampus, the Prorectorate for Teaching and Studying and the Career Service.

Questions? Alexandra Seifert, Tel.: 0351/ 462 - 2060, Email: alexandra.seifert@htw-dresden.de.

Maths Online Learning: OMB+

With the OMB+ you can refresh your mathematical skills acquired during school. In the bridge course you can expect explanatory texts with many examples, interactive images, exercise tasks and tests. In terms of structure the OMB+ is also suitable for reactivating mathematical skills acquired in school during your studies. In other words, you can hone your foundation skills in Mathematics while remaining flexible in terms of time and location. Furthermore, the OMB+ will be a frequent feature in your foundation lectures in Mathematics at the university.

Access to learning resources is available here.

Questions? Jana Halgasch, Tel.: 0351/ 462 - 3252, Email: jana.halgasch@htw-dresden.de.

For questions in maths: LernRaum mathematics

At LeRMa, you have the opportunity to work on mathematical questions from your studies together with other students. The tutors who are present actively support you in the preparation and follow-up of lectures and exercises, and provide answers to your questions. Just drop by and bring your questions. Every Tuesday from 17:00 - 18:30 in room S327.

Questions? Michael Meinhold, Tel.: 0351/462 - 2456, email address: michael.meinhold@htw-dresden.de

Further information about the LernRaum can be found in OPAL.

When requesting technical support: Tutorials

In case of any technical problems, you will not have to face them alone! Numerous tutorial offers are available at our University, where you will be assisted by students from higher semesters who can offer help and advice, pass on their knowledge to you and answer any technical questions you may have.

Questions? Victoria Vinis, Tel.: 0351/ 462 - 2016, Email: victoria.vinis@htw-dresden.de

Support for time and self-management: Up2Study

During your studies, you will face new, time-related challenges that you will later be confronted with in professional life. Get to know all the tricks to stay on track in stressful situations, allowing you to cross the finish line feeling relaxed. In this course you will discover various topics covering the techniques that allow you to effectively plan and use your time, and define your goals.

Access to learning resources is available here.

Questions? Juliane Baier, Tel.: 0351/ 462 - 38392, Email: juliane.baier@htw-dresden.de

For efficient research: training offered by the library

Doing your first presentation, exam or even your final thesis? The library shows you how to find the right literature and properly navigate the databases. During regular training sessions, we get you ready for research with our wide-ranging offer of information. Dates and information can be found on our websites.

Questions? Rebecca Krentz, Tel.: 0351/ 462 - 3187, Email: Informationsvermittlung@htw-dresden.de

Current library events


For a successful career start: Career Service

Be prepared for your successful entry into a profession from the very start. The Career Service offers a comprehensive workshop programme with “Business-ready through your studies” (“fit durch das Studium”), as well as tailored advice, networking and help in establishing contact with the business world. A comprehensive e-learning area covering the application process - along with several videos and information material etc. - can be found in OPAL.

Questions? Tanja Sonntag, Tel.: 0351/ 462 - 3343, Email: tanja.sonntag@htw-dresden.de

Further information are here .

Current Career Service events

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