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The Studium Integrale at the HTW Dresden

Curious to discover new things

Photo: Portrait of Prof. Dr. Ralph Sonntag

Your studies give you the skills you need later. In recent years, we have all observed how the requirements in practice are becoming ever more diverse, interdisciplinary and interwoven. Studium Integrale allows you to design your own individual interdisciplinary study and thus expand your key competences.

Studying is more than just working with predetermined subjects. It is a time when you can think outside the box with ease.

Our University offers you a wide range of subjects and knowledge for the individual development of your competences. Why not take advantage of this offer, not only in your Faculty, but also in other faculties and universities.

Stay curious, new knowledge never fails to excite.


Prof. Dr. Ralph Sonntag
Prorector for Lecturing and Studying


Studium Integrale promotes subject-networking outside the Faculty. It serves the expansion of the proprietary technical knowledge. Complex problems in the modern working world require an holistic approach, and the solution is usually only possible in cooperation with other disciplines.

Registration and event search

Registration and participation in the Studium Integrale takes place in 4 steps:

1. Select an event in Modulux

2. Visit the event

3. Attend and earn the graded certificate(s)

4. Have the lecturer confirm the graded achievements on the Studium Integrale certificate

5. Submit this to the Examination Office and, if possible, have it credited to your studies

Often, no registrations are necessary for the events. If the number of participants is limited and a registration is required, this is noted in the corresponding entries and the registration formals are indicated.

Graphic for networking the Studium Integrale at various Dresden universities

The Studium Integrale at the HTW Dresden is a member of the “Studium generale Sachsen” working group. The members recognise each other’s graded achievements, which can be obtained in the “Studium generale” at another university in Saxony (www.hs-zigr.de/fundamentale/ak). The events at the HTW Dresden, the TU Dresden, the EHS Dresden and the Hotel Academy can be found here: https://apps.htw-dresden.de/modulux-moduldatenbank/frontend/studium-integrale/

You participate in the Studium Integrale events on an optional basis, and can unsubscribe from the lectures at any time. However, you will only receive a graded certificate for the Studium Integrale if you have successfully completed the course with an examination.


You register directly with the examiner.

Just ask the examiner. Please take the template graded certificate to the examiner and have the grade confirmed or the form filled out. Then, when at the Examination Office,  submit the certificate and have it recognised towards your degree in accordance with the relevant study / examination regulations (see below). A template graded certificate can be found as a download in the right-hand column.

Registration or de-registration in the Examination Office is not required and also not possible.

To do so, please speak with the examiner.

Withdrawing from the exam is possible within the regular time limits. A withdrawal is submitted directly to the examiner.

Recognition of exam performance

Alternative 1: Additional module

Graded Studium Integrale courses can be identified on your certificate as additional modules. For this purpose, the acquired Studium Integrale certificate must be submitted to the Examination Office. The template will be available soon on this page. However, the credit points and the grades from additional modules are not included in the final grade.

Alternative 2: Recognition as a mandatory elective module

Studium Integrale is a mandatory elective module for some degree programmes, and can be selected by the student from a number of modules in the study schedule.

Option 3 Studium Integrale as a compulsory module

In certain degree programmes attendance to Studium Integrale modules is obligatory.


For more information on which study programmes adopt which variant, please see the overview of exam requirements on this page the examination requirements.

That depends on the respective study and examination regulations. A initial orientation should be provided on this page. Search for your study programme in the table and find out how you can have Studium Integrale credited in your degree programme. The overview can be found under the examination requirements.

Last changed: 21.03.2019  |  Author: Prorectorate Lecturing and Studying (plus@htw-dresden.de)