Appeal procedure


Thorough preparation is required for a successful application for a professorship at HTW Dresden. Avoid standard applications that are not specifically tailored to the advertised position. Prepare well for the test lecture, here it is essential to study the curriculum of the relevant courses of study to which the advertised position is assigned, so that what is presented fits optimally into the context. Once the presentation has been completed, the next challenge is approaching, and the job interview should not be taken lightly either.

Appeals Commission

The Women's Advancement Plan of HTW Dresden pursues the goal of achieving a balanced proportion of female and male employees in all areas and actively working towards equality between women and men at the university. It contains a number of specifications and regulations agreed upon by the Equal Opportunity Officer and the university management. The following specifications should be adhered to in appointments.


As a rule, the professorships to be filled are to be advertised nationwide. Deviations from this principle require the approval of the respective Equal Opportunity Officers. The Equal Opportunity Officers of the faculties are informed of the advertisement in good time by the respective deans. The Equal Opportunity Officer of the university receives the text of the advertisement from the Department of Personnel Affairs. She forwards the advertisement to relevant networks, e.g. to the network "Deutscher Ingenieurinnenbund e.v." (German Association of Women Engineers).

Composition of the appointment committee

Appointment committees are to be staffed with gender parity in each personnel category. This means that the group of professors, the group of employees as well as the group of students should be equally staffed with male and female participants. For departments in which the number of female employees is insufficient for this purpose, it should be examined whether female employees from a neighboring department can be proposed for the appointment committee.

Application documents

After the end of the application period, the Faculty's Equal Opportunity Officer is to be informed by the Dean of the applications received when the application documents are handed over to the Dean. The Equal Opportunity Officer of the Faculty or her representative is entitled to apply and speak at the meetings of the appointment committees and the trial lectures.

Invitation to the rehearsal lecture

All applicants who have the professional qualifications for the field of appointment and fulfill the appointment requirements according to § 58 Saxon Higher Education Freedom Act are to be invited to a trial lecture. If this is not possible due to a large number of applicants, at least as many female applicants as male applicants are to be invited.

List placement

When filling vacancies, women are to be given preferential consideration in cases of equal suitability, qualifications and professional performance, especially if they are underrepresented in the relevant area.