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Inclusive Measures

Screen reader (for visually impaired people)

Image of a Visiodesk

A portable collapsible screen reader is available for all visually impaired users of the library. It can be borrowed free of charge from the information desk on the ground floor of the Central Library for use in the library for a maximum of one day.

The VisioDesk has:

  • Full color adjustment,
  • Autofocus,
  • Wrong color settings,
  • Image enhancement function,
  • rotating camera.

Technical data:

  • high-resolution Full HD camera,
  • 15.6 " Full HD widescreen monitor in 16:9 format with approx. 39.3 cm diagonal,
  • low-power, high-contrast LED lighting,
  • Battery operation possible.

COBRA-Software (for visually impaired people)

The COBRA Screenreader makes it easy for blind and visually impaired computer users to work with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. COBRA outputs the important information on the screen via voice output or as a screen magnification. Various magnification modes, such as full screen, split or magnifying glass, are available to users.

To install this software on your computer, please contact the IT Centre.

Accessible website (for visually impaired people)

Picture of the HTW landing page

The HTW Dresden has optimised its website and designed it to be barrier-free.

For this purpose, selected websites were tested by the German National Library for the Blind (Deutsches Zentralbücherei für Blinde, DZB). Among other things, the study examined the legibility, the description of images and the use of accessible documents. The necessary technical adjustments have been made and will be implemented on all pages of the website in the future. The aim is to make the website easily accessible and easy to use for everyone on the PC, tablet and smartphone.



Hörschleife im Hörsaal

Im Hörsaal "Audimax" (Raum S239) befindet sich in den ersten fünf Reihen eine Hörschleife.

Mobile tables in lecture halls (for people with limited mobility)

In five lecture halls, movable tables are available for wheelchair users to facilitate barrier-free lecture participation. The height of the tables on wheels can be adjusted and they have a tiltable table top.

 The following lecture halls are equipped with movable tables:

  • Z 208, Z 211, Z 254, Z 308, Z 312

Evacuation (for people with limited mobility)

Picture of an Escape Chairs

In the event of an evacuation, escape chairs are available for persons with limited mobility in the university buildings.

Building Floor Location
Z - Building 7. Floor next to the elevator A2
Z - Building 9. Floor Z 912, next to the elevator
S - Building 2. Floor next to S 215
S - Building 5. Floor in front of S 515
N - Building 4. Floor before the toilett
Library 4. Floor left of the elevator
A - Building 4. Floor in front of A 424
K - Building 2. Floor in K 209
PN - Building 2. Floor PN 101
Last changed: 23.07.2019