Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Automation and Mechatronics

Automation supports vehicles, machines and technical systems in such a way that they work independently, reliably, safely and with a high level of accuracy. Computers control the interaction of mechanical parts and electronic components - a so-called mechatronic system. Important applications are robots, household appliances, electric vehicles, automated production facilities and much more.

Automation and mechatronics have become indispensable in almost all areas of daily life, industry and energy and supply technology. They provide the basis for the digitization of production and thus for the fourth industrial revolution. The interface between the Internet and the real world (cyber-physical systems) is realized through automation and mechatronics.

The field of study Automation and Mechatronics teaches the systematic path from the first idea to the realization of an automated (i.e. automatically working) device or system. The integration of sensors, the programming of microcomputers and the control of drive systems are taught and practiced in small projects. Studies at the HTW Dresden have a high practical component and offer the possibility of specialization depending on the interests of the students. Fields of work arise in the following areas:

  • robotics and 4th industrial revolution
  • energy and environment
  • biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  • process & manufacturing technology
  • traffic and electromobility
  • building automation and smart home
  • consumer goods production