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Engineering Education

Excellently trained engineers - increasingly also specialists with pedagogical skills - are desperately sought on the German labor market. The demand for teachers for technical subjects in vocational schools is still high in Saxony.

The engineering education field of study prepare the way for this, as it extends technical modules in electrical engineering with teaching modules.

In addition to the subjects of automation technology and electrical power engineering and drive technology, you will study modules on didactics, design of teaching and learning processes and complex teaching procedures/media application.

Wide range of career options

A Bachelor of Engineering in engineering education opens up a whole range of career paths for you.

You can work as an engineer in industry and business, or as an engineer educator you can take responsibility for training and further education in companies or with inter-company training providers. They can also work at a university.

Or you can decide after graduating from the HTW to continue your studies with a shortened course of study 'Teaching at vocational schools' at the TU Dresden.

To do this, you can have credits already earned, so you can finish your teaching degree faster and start as a teacher at a professional high school, technical college, vocational school or technical school, where you train young people and get enthusiastic about technology.

A master's program is also open to you after your bachelor's degree.

Course of study

The basic course comprises the 1st and 2nd semester

In lectures, exercises and practical laboratory work you will acquire mathematical, scientific and engineering basics. We provide you with optimal support here.

Subjects: Electrical engineering, electronics, English, device construction / materials technology, computer science, mathematics, technical physics

From the 3rd semester onwards, the engineering education field of study begins

From now on you will study subject-related and educational modules in combination.

The technical part predominates and includes modules from the fields of automation technology and electrical power engineering and drive technology. You will learn in a practice-oriented way in small study groups.

In the 5th semester an internship semester follows.

Subjects: Electrical power supply, industrial control technology, analysis of technical processes, design of controllers, digital circuits, power electronics, drives

The teaching modules that qualify you as an engineering teacher will be studied directly and without overlap at the TU Dresden.

There you will be second matriculated. The assessments will be included in your HTW diploma* and are part of your Bachelor of Engineering training.

At the end of the 3rd semester a four-week block internship at a vocational school follows.

Subjects: Professional didactics of electrical engineering and information technology, design of teaching and learning processes, fundamentals of empirical research, complex teaching methods / media applications, psychology of teaching and learning

*The acquired study achievements (ECTS credits) will be credited to you for a further shortened study course "Teaching profession at vocational schools" at the TU Dresden. This opens the way to a teaching profession for you.

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