Mechatronic Systems and Vehicle Mechatronics

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Mechatronic Systems and Vehicle Mechatronics

The fields of study on mechatronics are practical engineering-related fields of study in electrical engineering and are based on the interdisciplinary view of the efficient interaction of sensors/measurement technology, intelligent signal and data processing as well as electronic and mechatronic systems and actuators. The profile includes the special competencies and traditions of HTW Dresden on mechatronic systems with aspects of electrical engineering/electronics, microtechnology, automation technology and device technology and on vehicle mechatronics with aspects of vehicle electronics, automotive mechatronics, electrical trains and electromobility on the road as well as mobile machines .

The faculty offers a very good practical basis for the study through numerous laboratories, both with typical facilities for a practical study to be touched and experienced, and with current industrial equipment for engineering practice and research. For example, a new automatic pick and place machine for the assembly of electronic components has been put into operation in the electronics technology laboratory, a new robot station has been set up in the manufacturing automation laboratory and the electromobility laboratory has moved into the new vehicle technology technical center. When working in the laboratories, the students are also directly involved in the various research tasks.

The fields of study in mechatronics, like all courses of the faculty, receive a uniform basic study up to the 3rd semester and have uniform subject-specific modules in the subject. They differ in the length of study and in-depth knowledge, and thus in the degrees with a Bachelor of Engineering or Diplomingenieur (FH). The Bachelor's degree can also be completed in parallel with an additional IHK professional qualification. Mechatronic systems and vehicle mechatronics are profiled using compulsory elective modules and, in the case of a diploma, through courses in the higher semesters.

After completing your studies, you have the opportunity to obtain further qualifications in the master's program at the HTW Dresden at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.