Faculty of Agriculture/Environment/Chemistry

Faculty of Agriculture/Environment/Chemistry

At the HTW’s Faculty of Agriculture/Environment/Chemistry, the study programmes

  • Bachelor (B.Sc.) Agriculture,
  • Bachelor (B.Sc.) Horticulture,
  • Bachelor (B.Sc.) Environmental Monitoring
  • Bachelor (B.Sc.) Chemical Engineering
  • Master( M.Sc.) Production Management in Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Master( M.Sc.) Chemical Engineering
  • Master( M.Sc.) Landscape Development

are offered. 

The campus is located in Pillnitz in the immediate vicinity of our testing area and Schloss Pillnitz palace. The courses in the agriculture and environment divisions take place predominantly in Pillnitz, but also partly in the main building of the HTW near the main station in Dresden. The chemical engineering study programmes are also based in the campus of the main buildings at Friedrich-List-Platz.

Since we enrol each year only around 250 students in the entire faculty, teaching staff and students know each other personally. With us, students are not part of an anonymous group but rather are looked after individually. We offer our students practical study in the most beautiful surroundings.