Teaching understanding

Faculty of Business Administration

Teaching understanding

  • Practical

    seminars, excursions and projects


  • International

    semester abroad and double degrees

  • Science

    projects with scientific working techniques


  • Ethics

    acting responsibly

  • Digital

    digital learning

  • Methods

    multidimensional learning

  • Soft Skills

    methodical competences

  • Consulting

    informative and competent


Our lecturers are committed to a high level of practical orientation in the study programmes. Through their professional practice in companies and organisations, they have relevant experience in the application and development of scientific knowledge and methods and convey this in their courses. Excursions and lectures from business and research give students an insight into the practical side of the business world. In order to deepen these insights, practical projects with tasks from companies or organisations can be worked on. In the last semester of our bachelor's programs, a 12-week internship is integrated in a company in Germany or abroad, during which a topic for the final thesis can be worked on afterwards.



In addition to international students, over 100 exchange students come to the faculty every year. International topics are dealt with in both German and English in the various teaching areas. In the courses of study "International Business" and "International Management", the language training focuses on economic topics in order to prepare students optimally for a career in international business. A semester abroad is integrated in both courses of study, which can be completed at one of over 150 partner universities. The internationalisation offer is rounded off by regular excursions within and outside Europe as well as the possibility of double degrees.




Students can be involved in scientific projects early on in their studies. Various modules of the Center for Interdisciplinary Education prepare students for scientific writing and the preparation of their final thesis. Additional support is provided by a writing workshop. In the Master's programs, the scientific working techniques are reinforced so that students can finally be qualified for a doctorate.



Alumni of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration can hold important positions in companies and society. Their actions have an impact on people and the environment. To prepare them for this responsibility, ethical topics are included in various courses. The module Business Ethics is specially designed for this purpose.


Up to date

In many courses, e-learning offers support the transfer of knowledge. Innovative forms of teaching are used here.