Prof. Irina Hundt

Faculty of Business Administration

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Irina Hundt

Professorship of Business Administration / External Accounting




The professorship combines the three fields of external accounting, auditing and business administration. It also covers aspects such as international accounting and intercultural communication. Prof. Irina Hundt organized international projects with Russia, Uzbekistan, Jordan and Kurdistan (Iraq). The supervision of incoming and outgoing students and the organisation of study trips to these countries were taken over by Prof. Irina Hundt. Prof. Irina Hundt was responsible for the following partner universities:


  • Russia: MIIT Moscow, UNICON Saint Petersburg, State University "Dostojewski" Omsk
  • Uzbekistan: Tashkent State University of Economics, branch of the Russian Economic University "Plekhanov", Namangan State University
  • Iraq: Nawroz University Dohuk (Kurdistan)
  • Jordan: German Jordan University Amman

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Irina Hundt

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Irina Hundt

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2000 Professorship at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden
Since 1999 Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden
1995 Certified accountant (IHK)
1991 Diploma in business administration FH Wiesbaden
1991 Degree in university pedagogy Uni Halle
1985 Aspirantur, degree: Dr.-Ing.
1978 Graduate engineer for process engineering at TH Leuna-Merseburg
1974 Abitur at special school of the Technical University for Chemistry


Project: "The embroidered world"

Embroidery has a long tradition in many cultures. Even today, people all over the world are still engaged in embroidery, either as a hobby or to earn a living with embroidery. Anyone who enjoys embroidery can take part in the competition "The Embroidered World" with a maximum of three individual pieces. The size is not prescribed. However, each embroidered piece must already have a fixed border and be marked with name, age and place. Objects larger than 25 x 35 cm should already have a hanger on the back, e.g. a drawstring. Community works can also be submitted. The embroideries will be compiled in an online catalogue, stating the name and accompanying explanations. The exhibits selected for the respective exhibitions will be published in the exhibition catalogue. The best works will receive a prize. With the submission of the embroidery work, the participants agree that the works may be shown in public and may become part of the collection of a museum or be used by the Grabau Foundation for other non-profit projects within the framework of international understanding.


[Translate to English:] Stickmuster-Museum Celle



[Translate to English:] Stickerei aus Syrien
[Translate to English:] Stickerei aus Afganistan

Your signature for a peaceful coexistence

[Translate to English:] Bild zu einer Stickerei "Textile Unterschrift"
[Translate to English:] Textile Unterschrift

With your signature on a piece of cloth you can show that you are committed to peaceful coexistence in the world, to tolerance and growing prospects for the future all over the world. To this end, the states of Saxony with the HTW Dresden and Saxony-Anhalt with the Grabau Foundation have taken the initiative to document in public that most people living and working there look beyond their own horizons and are committed to a tolerant and peaceful coexistence. This initiative should not be limited to Germany, therefore a demand for growing future perspectives is also expressed. Thus, politics and economy of each country are called upon to take this concern of the people into account. The project stimulates discussions on understanding the world, living together and cooperation between different nations. A public commitment to tolerance and peaceful coexistence - that is what it is all about. You can design your signature yourself as a textile work of art or leave this design to other people involved in the project. This is intended to show how people from different countries participate in a joint project for peace and growing future prospects for everyone on earth.  You can also send in joint works. The project is just beginning.  It is planned to compile the textile signatures in an online catalogue, indicating the name and accompanying explanations, in different categories: Politicians, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, organisations and private individuals...
In addition, the textile signatures are to be either framed so that they can be displayed in public buildings or joined together to form a large whole. The presentation of the signatures will take place throughout Germany and worldwide. Therefore, in addition to the signature or signatures, it should be easily recognizable from which town, trade and country the signatories come from. With the submission of the textile signature, the participants agree that the works may be shown publicly or used by the Grabau Foundation for other non-profit projects within the framework of international understanding.


[Translate to English:] Frau Prof. Hundt
[Translate to English:] Frau Prof. Irina Hundt