HTW login

General information

The IT Service Centre sets up the HTW login when enrolling students or starting work for staff.

The user ID for students corresponds to the six-digit s-number assigned at enrolment (e.g., "s12345"). Auditors receive a different HTW login, which will be handed out after the admission as a auditor in the student office. For teachers and staff the HTW login is derived from the name (e.g. "musterm"). The associated initial password is also assigned by the IT Service Centre.

The password may not be shared with other users. The IT Service Center recommends that all users change their initial password as soon as possible and for security reasons at regular intervals. General instructions for changing the password can be found here.

The password may NOT be shared with anyone else, including the IT Service Centre. Our staff will never ask you by e-mail or telephone to hand over the password!


By granting the HTW login, you are permitted to use the central servers and the services offered by the IT Service Centre (including e-mail, file service, Internet and Wi-Fi access) to fulfil your teaching, study and research responsibilities. It is forbidden to pass on this right to third parties (in particular by passing on HTW-login and password). Each user is obligated to use the IT systems of HTW Dresden and other facilities that are accessible via the communication network exclusively within the scope of the granted permissions (possibly based on explicit requests) and under consideration of the respective valid terms of use.

The IT Service Centre explicitly points out the necessity of observing the legal regulations as well as possible criminal and civil consequences in their disregard. The IT Service Centre is obliged to prevent the improper use of computer systems while observing the privacy policy. In case of specific suspicions, the IT Service Centre is entitled to log all relevant information for evaluation purposes and to inspect the data in question by the system administrator.

If the suspicion is confirmed, the IT Service Centre is in consultation with the university management authorized, to block your HTW-login until the problem has been clarified. The university management is entitled to block the HTW-login permanently in case of serious violations of the terms of use. In case of serious violations of applicable laws, the HTW Dresden reserves the right to file a complaint with the competent authorities, too.

Should the HTW Dresden be sued by third parties for damages, omissions or in any other way due to an intentional or negligent misconduct in the use of the IT systems, the HTW Dresden reserves the right to hold the responsible legally responsible for this.

Please note that the processing of personal data and their transport via networks are subject to special conditions and must be agreed with the IT Service Centre.

Please note: The faculties and central facilities of the HTW Dresden will never ask you by e-mail to update your personal data or to disclose your HTW-login. Do not make any such submissions or follow any sent links. Delete such emails immediately unsolicited.

If you have any suggestions, requests and complaints regarding the use of the central server or the in this regard offered services, please send as an e-mail to our ticket system:


Terms of Use

  • Access to the Unix login server "" 
  • Access to the HTW-Apps-Server ""
  • Access to the central mail server "" (Exchange mail server)
  • Access to web services using the DFN-AAI (Shibboleth) 
  • Login to the workstation or notebooks of the domain 
  • Login to the network drive 
  • Login to Wi-Fi / WLAN (eduroam, "VPN / WEB") 
  • Login to VPN (AnyConnect) 
  • Login to the backoffice of ​​the web server 
  • Login to the website (Typo3) 

For members of the HTW Dresden in the function of the supervisor, it is possible for non-HTW members to apply for a general user ID (HTW login). The HTW login is limited in time for max. one year, but may be extended at the request of the supervisor.

The form for requesting or extending the HTW login for non-HTW employees can be found under the designation F U 1b Antrag auf allgemeines Nutzerkennzeichen (Nicht-HTW-Mitarbeiter) in the internal forms area.


The Faculty of Informatics / Mathematics Laboratory operates an additional, independent of the IT Service Centre, user management for students and staff of its own faculty. The login and password of this user management is used, for example, for logging on to computers in the Informatics laboratories or for the Informatics mail server.