Workplace and communication

Workplace and communication (* at the request of an HTW employee, ** members of other universities )

# service (short description) offer for students offer for staff offer for guests important information
1 Workplace support
(Installation and maintenance of hardware and software, troubleshooting)
  x (Departments)  
2 Hardware procurement
(Support of desktop and laptop framework agreements)
3 Data backups
(Backup to TUD, Protect)
4 Data backup through snapshots x x x
5 Wireless internet access
x x x ** Instructions: Configuring Wi-Fi / WLAN (Eduroam)
6 WLAN / WiFi event and device accounts   x x*  
7 LAN   x  
8 VPN x x x * Instructions: Configuring VPN
9 Email
(MS Exchange, user certificates)
x x  
10 Server certificates
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
x x   Note: Server certificates
11 User certificates
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
x x   Note: User certificates
12 Voice over IP (VoIP) / E-fax   x (also committees)  
13 Anti-virus software
x x   Instructions: Installing Anti-virus software Sophos
14 Software procurement
(Workplace software and framework agreements)
x x   information only in German language available
for students: Imagine, Campus Sachsen
for staff: Office Home Use Program (HUP)
15 Windows update service   x  
16 Support of HIS GX-Systems: Focus FSV   x  
17 Support of HIS GX Systems: Focus SVA   x    
18 media technology (audio visual center)   x