Import to the Windows certificate store


In order to import a user certificate into the Windows certificate store, you must have the certificate file an the associated password. (please refer Apply for a user certificate).

How to integrate the certificate into your Windows certificate store

First double-click the certificate file.

The certificate import wizard opens.

Select "Aktueller Benutzer" here so that only you can use the certificate, and then click "Weiter".

Now search for the certificate file mentioned above (Button "Durchsuchen") and click on "Weiter".


Enter you passwort for the certificate file.

If you want to export the key from the Windows certificate store again later, check the corresponding box. If the check mark ist not set, the certificate can no longer be exported!

Make sure that "Alle erweiterten Eigenschaften mit einbeziehen" is marked. Click on "Weiter".

Choose "Zertifikatsspeicher automatisch auswählen (auf dem Zertifikattyp basierend)"

and click on "Weiter". Then click on "Fertig stellen". You will receive a success report from the certificate import assistant.

"Der Importvorgang war erfolgreich". Click on "OK".