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Bachelor's programme: Industrial Engineering

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

The Bachelor’s course Industrial Engineering contains a wide-ranging education in economic, technical and legal disciplines. Furthermore, we teach interdisciplinary competences and methods (soft skills) every semester.

The language training takes place during five semesters, including English and, depending on the qualification status, a second foreign language.

In the fourth and fifth semester, the students can choose one out of five main courses in the field of Business Administration corresponding to their personal preferences and interests. These courses are oriented towards business economists’ preferred fields of applications and prepare the students for those. A special feature is the main course “management of medium-sized enterprises, a major focus of the faculty regarding contents. By choosing five further modules, the students are able to organize their studies according to their preferences.

During the sixth semester, the students complete an internship of at least 20 weeks. The final thesis is written and defended in the last semester.

For the different courses, one of the main focuses is the applicability of the contents in a professional context. With the capacity of 80-100 students and the resulting tutorial groups of 20-25 students, we guarantee an intense and individual contact between lecturers and students. This has advantages like including project work with industrial partners into the courses.  Thanks to the student mobility, it is possible to study at a foreign university during an advanced semester.

The practical education is ensured by apprenticeships in the area of Electrical Engineering and several computer laboratories. Practical knowledge of the software SAP is taught.

The standard period of study is seven semesters. The students achieve the academic degree Bachelor of Engineering.

Last changed: 06.02.2018