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Course Structure / Curriculum

Master course structure

Download: Module Structure - Valid from Matriculation Year 2013/14

Download: Module Structure - Valid from Matriculation Year 2011/12

The Master course starts in the winter semester and comprises 4 semesters. Two semesters are spent abroad:

  • Semester 1 and 2 take place at the HTW Dresden in form of direct and self-study.

  • The third semester of study is at a foreign partner university of the Master programme.

  • In the fourth semester, the Master students within a postgraduate programme do an internship abroad. The internship lasts 23 weeks. During these weeks of practical training abroad, the Master thesis has to be written. The thesis has to be orally defended. (This regulation has been in effect since the matriculation year 2010/11).

The Master exam concludes the course of study.

The Master programme in “International Business” is modularised. Modularisation means combining and summarising subjects to a thematically well-rounded unit with performance points (ECTS Credits) which can be accumulated after successfully passing the module exams. 30 ECTS credits must be accumulated each semester.

Several modules at the HTW Dresden are offered in the English language.

Direct and self-study in Dresden

Each module includes two lectures of direct study a week (1 lecture = 1,5 hours) and additional self-study which is determined by the lecturer in terms of content and duration.

Self-study comprises either the deepening of direct study or getting into new topics and issues of a module in addition to the direct study.

Each module is equivalent to 5 ECTS credits. For one credit, the student has to input a total workload of 30 hours (lectures + self study). The total workload of one semester including the vacation and exam period hence amounts to 900 hours (1800 hours per academic year).

Compulsory and elective modules

During studies at the HTW Dresden, six modules have to be completed each semester: In the first semester, six compulsory modules have to be completed. In the second semester, two compulsory modules and two module clusters - each with two related elective modules - have to be completed.

There is no legal claim to be enrolled for certain elective modules. On student’s request and after confirmation by the board of examiners, up to 5 ECTS credits per semester may be earned when attending other modules (offered within and outside the Faculty of Business Administration) as elective modules which are equal to the "International Business" electives in terms of scope and standards.

Study abroad

Third semester of study

The third semester takes place at a partner university of the Master programme in International Business of the HTW Dresden and may only be begun if the student accumulated 55 ECTS credits during the first two semesters of study. There is no claim to study at a certain partner university but the student’s interests are taken into consideration as far as possible.

The curriculum is set up to the amount of 30 ECTS credits for the study at the partner university abroad. It is arranged with the academic supervisor at the HTW Dresden and the supervisor at the partner university within a “Learning Agreement”. It is anchored in a bilateral co-operation agreement.

The approval of credits accumulated abroad takes place according to the transfer and accumulation principle of ECTS.

Fourth semester of study

In the last semester, the students have to do an internship of 23 weeks abroad, which may only be begun if at least 85 ECTS credits were accumulated within the first three semesters of study. While doing the internship abroad, the Master thesis has to be written. Finally, the Master thesis has to be orally defended. (This regulation has been in effect since the matriculation year 2010/11. Please pay attention to the examination regulations in effect at the time of your matriculation year. The examination regulations of your matriculation year may have a different regulation with respect to the internship semester abroad.)

Final degree

For successful graduation, the students have to pass:

  • the compulsory and elective modules at home and abroad during the first 3 semesters of study (90 ECTS credits) and

  • the internship abroad in the 4th semester including the Master thesis and its defence. (30 ECTS credits). This regulation has been in effect since the matriculation year 2010/11.

Thus, the student acquires altogether 120 ECTS credits.

Title and degree

After successfully graduating in the Master programme, the academic degree Master of Arts (M.A.) is conferred on the graduate, thus he/she is permitted to hold this title.

Within the framework of university partnerships with double or triple degree, the degree of the partner university is also conferred on the graduates and permits them to hold this title.

Last changed: 16.06.2017