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Master's programme: Management of Medium-sized Enterprises

The Master programme “Management of Medium-sized Enterprises” aims to find a balance between fulfilling academic requirements and encouraging the students to apply the acquired skills, working in cooperation with regional medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises.

During the programme, the basic knowledge of the students is deepened by acquiring knowledge about medium-sized-enterprises-specific disciplines. The students examine related topics that are important to become able to hold a leading position in a medium-sized enterprise. Subjects such as technology and innovation or acquiring strategically important IT-knowledge are relevant.

The programme imparts key qualifications that enable our students to deal with complex management tasks, especially by working through case studies during the classes, topic-related project studies and of course, completing a Master’s thesis.

Furthermore, the students are enabled to deal with academically challenging problems and questions and to conduct academic research concerning topics that are relevant for medium-sized enterprises. By limiting the number of students to 20, everyone gets the chance to develop their individual competences and action possibilities.

The Master’s programme begins in the winter semester and has a standard period of study of four semesters. The Study and Examination Regulations, the contents of study and offered courses are designed in a way that allows graduating after the standard period of study. The first three semesters are on-site studies and self-study at the HTW Dresden. The topic-related project studies are conducted during the second and third semester, supported by a partner company and the University. During the fourth semester, the Master’s thesis is written.

last changed: 2014-04-09