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Corporate Management


In the field of corporate management, leadership in business organisations, primarily enterprises, is taught. This ranges from structural considerations of specific groups of people (management, entrepreneurs, etc.) to questions of the role of management and entrepreneurs in society to issues of corporate governance. In doing so, the questions "Who is leading?", "What is being done?" and "How is it being managed?" are taken into account and dealt with in consideration of complex and dynamic environments as well as different organisational variables.


Further information about the individual modules in the Modulux


Lectures - Undergraduate (Bachelor's)

· Organisational Design (English)

· Corporate Management

· Management of Non-Profit Organisations

· Change and Project Management

· Management

· Strategic Management (English)

· Competitive Strategy (English)

· International Business Strategy (English)

· International Business (English)

· Corporate Responsibility (English)

· Introduction to German Business (English)

· Leadership and Management of Mittelstand / Small and Medium-sized Enterprises I + II

· Practice of Starting a Business


Lectures - Post-graduate (Master's)

· Organisational Leadership & Advanced Management Skills (English)

· Change Management

· Organisation

· Corporate Management

· Management

· Business Ethics (English)

· Corporate Strategy (English)

· Resource-based Strategy (English)

· Strategic Issues in International Business (English)

· International Management (English)

· Resources and Uncertainty in Strategic Management (English)

· Risk and Crisis Management in Mittelstand / Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Last changed: 24.01.2019