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Key Qualifications


Key qualifications are an indispensable part of today's educational landscape. It is all the more relevant for universities to set up and expand a systematic educational programme to strengthen the employability of future graduates. Therefore, the subject area key qualifications, as part of the Centre for Multidisciplinary Education in the Faculty of Business Administraton, toffers various events to anchor particularly important key qualifications in order to keep the students aware of the constant need to develop their own key qualifications. The spectrum ranges from business fundamentals and management techniques for non-business students, to methodological competence in the area of ​​academic work, to individual and social skills-oriented modules, such as moderation and presentation skills, self-management or creativity techniques.


Further information about the individual modules in the Modulux


Lectures - Undergraduate (Bachelor's)

· Business / Management

· Management Training

 ·Management Techniques

· Management

· International Business Environment & Communication

· Intercultural Leadership Skills & Business English (English)

· Intercultural Leadership Skills II & Business English (English)

· Moderation and Presentation

· Rhetoric

· Self-management and Creativity Techniques

· Team Development

· Complexity and Team Management

· International Team & Project Management (English)

· Complexity Management

· Methods of Academic Work

· Academic Work

· Scientific Writing (English)

· Scientific Work, Communication and Project Management (English)

· Conflict and Project Management


Lectures - Post-graduate (Master's)

· Human Resources and Time Management

· Project and Innovation Management

Last changed: 24.01.2019