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Logistics / Processes



In the area Logistics / Processes, methods and tools for planning, operating and optimising value chains are taught. Value chains extend from the supplier through the own company to the customer. Typical tasks are the supply of a production site with material, the planning of production programmes as well as the distribution of the goods to the customers. Overarching activities are then analysed and optimised through methods of process, quality and innovation management.


Further information about the individual modules in the Modulux


Lectures - Undergraduate (Bachelor's)

· Logistics

· Production Management and Logistics

· Supply Chain Management - Planning Supply Chains

· Supply Chain Management - Planning Supply Chains (English)

· Supply Chain Management – Operations Management

· Organisational and Supply Chain Design (English)

· Process and Quality Management

· Process Management and Organisation

· Process and Quality Management - Execution (PQME) (English)

· Process and Quality Management - Strategy (English)

· Automotive Management (English)


Lectures - Post-graduate (Master's)

· Sustainable Supply Chain Management (English)

· Control of the Value Chain in the Mittelstand / Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Family Firms

· International Project and Industrial Process Management (English)



Last changed: 24.01.2019