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HTW Gründungsschmiede- Consulting Centre for Company Founding

The HTW Gründungsschmiede is supported by:

The “Gründungsschmiede” (literally translates as 'smithy for entrepreneurship') is an incubator for start-up companies. It serves as a contact point where young founders come to ask every kind of question concerning entrepreneurship; and makes sure founder teams of the HTW Dresden can to use workstations for free.

Our Services/ Our Team

Are you considering starting your own company, either as a main or a subsidiary business? Make an appointment and find out more about our services and our team!

Our Start-Up Teams

Find out everything you want to know about our former and current start-up teams. Get insights into the various business ideas and their success stories.

Our Events

The HTW Gründungsschmiede words together with the HTW Dresden and dresden exists, a founding initiative, to organise many events.

Our News

We provide you with interesting news weekly about our founder teams and current topics from the founders’ scene.

Our Partners

The HTW Gründungsschmiede has valuable contacts to the economy which our teams benefit from during and after the founding process.

Useful Links

Still want for more information about business start-ups? Here's an overview of the most important websites.

Last changed: 24.01.2019