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Start-Up Teams

Since its foundation, the HTW Gründungsschmiede has provided room for many ideas.

Are you interested in the young founders' business ideas?

Below you will find all the information about our current and former start-up teams.

Current Teams

The ideas being throw around by the Gründungsschmiedeteams right now range from software for the production of feed to manufacturing Cuban-style cigars in Dresden. 

Find out more about our current teams!



Former Teams

The time of stay at the HTW Gründungsschmiede is limited- after max. two years, the teams have to go their own way. 

The following start-up teams were supported by the HTW Gründungsschmiede at first and most of them are standing on their own feet now.

Click here for more information about our former start-up teams!

Last changed: 24.01.2019