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Zentrum für Mittelstand (ZfM) Centre for Medium-Sized Enterprises

The Competence Centre for Good Management of the HTW Dresden

The "Zentrum für Mittelstand" (ZfM, Centre for Medium-Sized Enterprises) is an association of professors and scientists of the Faculty of Business Administration and external specialists founded with the objective to support the performance of medium-sized enterprises based in Saxony. We exclusively focus on economic questions related to medium-sized enterprises.

Core elements of the Centre's work are:

  • transferring knowledge concerning medium-sized enterprises from the University to the enterprises
  • strategic advice in the area of corporate development
  • coordinating and implementing further education offers
  • organizing research cooperations with enterprises
  • progressing questions concerning medium-sized enterprises in the context of students' papers during their courses or their final academic thesis (Bachelor/ Master)
  • organizing the "Mittelstandstag" (Day of Medium-Sized Enterprises) at the HTW Dresden

Medium-Sized Enterprises and Science- Partners for Saxony

The core elements of our work are:

  • management and strategy
  • succession advice
  • controlling and finances
  • sales and marketing
  • business organization and corporate development
  • HRM
  • production and logistics management

The HTW Dresden's orientation towards medium-sized enterprises is emphazised by a professorship solely for management of medium-sized enterprises and the Master's programme Management for Medium-Sized Enterprises. Furthermore, there is a mentor program for students which makes managers of medium-sized enterprises available as contact persons for HTW-students.

Last changed: 24.01.2019