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Name Title Courses
Baierl, Ronny Prof. Dr. rer. pol.
Gestring, Ingo Prof. Dr. Ing. Business Administration / Materials Management and Production Logistics
Günther, Swen Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Process Management and Innovation / Management Science
Gonschorek, Torsten Prof. Dr. Management of medium-sized companies
Hartmann, Evelyn Prof. Dr. oec. General Business Administration / Production Management
Haubold, Anne-Katrin Prof. Dr. rer. pol Human Resources / Human Resource Management
Hundt, Irina Prof. Dr.-Ing. Business Administration / External Accounting
Krause, Julia Prof. Dr. rer. pol. International Industrial Sourcing and Sales
Kreul, Kerstin Prof. Dr. iur. Business Law
Kühnel, Stephan Prof. Dr. Auditing and Management Consulting
Lehleiter, Robert Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Fiscal Law
Lewis, Gerard Prof. Dr. International Strategic Management
Mayer, Christoph Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Business Administration / Investment and Finance
Neuvians, Nicola Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Business Administration / management and organisation
Ortmanns, Wolfgang Prof. Dr. Management in banks and insurances / Economics
Richter, Thorsten S. Prof. Dr. iur. Commercial Law, especially Economic Civil Law and Labour Law
Sattler, Wolfgang Prof. Dr. oec. publ. Operational and Strategic Management Control
Sonntag, Ralph Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Marketing, especially Multimedia Marketing
Stöhr, Anja Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Strategic Marketing
Thamm, René Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Management Accounting, Financial Control, environmental and sustainability Management Accounting
von der Weth, Rüdiger Prof. Dr. phil. et. rer. nat. habil. Business Administration / Human Resources Management and Industrial Science
Wienen, Angela Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Economics and Economic Policy
Last changed: 04.04.2019