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Evaluation Scheme

The thesis papers will by graded according to the following evaluation scheme by Prof. Sonntag.

Formal (20%)

  • Guidelines/ format / seperation image
  • Structure
  • Bibliography/ quotations
  • Orthography
  • Expression
  • Comprehensibility of the images

Knowledge (20%)

  • Terminology (terms, significations, …)
  • Facts (data, persons, examples, …)
  • Generalizations (abstractions, hypothesis, structures, theories, …)
  • Trends (knowledge of processes and directions nowadays)
  • Methods

Skills (intellectual abilities) (45%)

  • Understanding (correctness, “understood the subject”)
  • Analysis (e.g. thesis analysis, showing the connections of their elements and their explicit and implicit structures, …)
  • Synthesis (argumentation, putting together the elements, translation to a different language level, application in examples, explaining concrete behaviour patterns, …)
  • Extrapolation (explained spreading of trends, showing developments, …)
  • Evaluation (judging the value of the used materials, theories, empirical data referencing the judgement criteria)
  • Measures (propositions concerning the further handling,  solutions, …)

Will (motivation) (15%)

  • personal contribution
  • ability to generate interest for the topic (the mentor/reader's interest)
Last changed: 14.06.2019