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Suggestions for Thesis Papers

Finding a topic and making the first appointment

Think of a possible subject for your thesis paper. To find a topic you are welcome to use methods like mind-mapping. Please also consider who could be your second examiner- a professor or your tutor at the enterprise, given he achieved at least the academic grade you are aiming for with your studies. The next step would be to make an appointment with me in order to define the subject for your paper.


After defining your subject, write 1,5 pages in Word about your aim and methods and send them to me via email. You have to consider these written pages as absolutely correct in content and form. After that, prepare your paper's structure which we will discuss via email or in a second meeting.

Afterwards, register your final paper. Please send me the form via email.


The structure depends on the subject but you can still use the following structure as a model:
1. themathic classification and subject of the paper
2. topic and analysis of the situation
3. economic task formulation, derivation from the analysis
4. concept, operation recommendation
5. resumee and perspectives


You are welcome to contact me anytime, at University, via email or skype (user name: rsonntag). You can also send me extracts from your paper (max. 10 pages) to go through and give you feedback.


The ideal focus of the colloquium would be the content of your Bachelor thesis. Please present a summary of the most important results of your paper in 20-25 min.

Project study work

Students of the programme International Business have to prepare a project study work. The ideal subject of the work would be one that was not mentioned in the final paper. The project study work should be around 20 pages. Please hand in the project study work with your Bachelor thesis.

Last changed: 14.06.2019