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Teaching Philosophy

The Common Goal

The primary goal of our common work is to prepare our students for a successful occupation in the real world by teaching them and making sure they have a competitive advantage on the labor market. This common goal of lecturers and students can only be reached if both make an adequate contribution and work professionally:

Therefore, Prof. Sonntag is commited to his students to assure the following:

  • Individual support

    • to challenge and to support you
    • to help you to achieve your goals as much as possible and to have an open ear for your concerns

  • Teaching

    • to revise the lectures' content regularly and to cover current topics
    • to include experience from projects into the teaching
    • knowledge from his own research work, conferences and articles in professional magazines is included in his teaching
    • to provide the students with lecture notes and lecture material
    • to create an innovative climate in the course

Prof. Sonntag expects from his students:

  • commitment
  • a high willingness to perform and initiative in the lectures, as well as preparing and revising the lectures
  • willingness to communicate and cooperate
  • an adequate and high level of written reports and presentations during the course
  • creativity and flexibility
  • the willingness to learn how to work in a structured, critical and analytical manner
  • the courage to express your opinion in presentations and final papers and develop and develop personal problem solutions
  • contribution to the academic student self- administration
  • openness

Practical- Orientation

The education and the taught knowledge in the subject marketing is orientated to the challenges which have to be met in the business world. Therefore, marketing is practised as an applied science,

  • dealing with practice-relevant questions
  • developing contributions to their solutions and
  • teaching practical methods.

At the same time, teaching the subject marketing should meet scientific demands and enable students to process practice-relevant tasks on their own.


  • to give you feedback as soon as possible 
  • Prof. Sonntag can be reached anytime on his mobile phone, +49 172 / 7661080 by his students
  • Emails are answered in max. 12 hours
  • tests and final papers are usually graded within 10-14 days
Last changed: 14.06.2019