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Denise Beyer

HTW Gründungsschmiede (consulting centre for entrepreneurs) / courses about start-ups

Contact Details:

A-Building: Room A 401

Tel: 0351 / 462 - 2877

E-Mail: beyerd@htw-dresden.de


Business start-up- orientated introduction to Business Economics

In this lecture series, a broad overview about business economics basic knowledge is given. The subjects are chosen in a way that allows dealing with all the relevant issues concerning founders and entrepreneurs.

The lecture series is open for all students and takes place each semester.

The practice of starting a business a business plan seminar of the HTW Dresden

During the course of the seminar, students are encouraged to develop or solidify their own business ideas, check for their feasibility and prepare a business plan.

The contents of a business plan are taught by lecturers from business practices. The students present their acquired and applied knowledge in interim and final presentations to their fellow students, advisers and judges.

Next date: summer semester 2017

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Last changed: 24.01.2019