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Bachelor's degree programme Business Administration and Engineering

Study programme at a glance

Simulation game during a group exercise

The Bachelor's degree programme Business Administration and Engineering is an equally technology- and management-oriented, practice-oriented study programme, which conveys professionally qualifying knowledge and skills necessary for the challenging activities in business and administration. In addition to teaching subject-related, methodological and social competencies, the study programme also helps students successfully master future career challenges. The teaching of such skills takes place in the compulsory specialisation courses as well as in supplementary compulsory and/or elective modules.

The aim of the study is to obtain a professional qualification. The successful completion of the degree also qualifies for admission to Master's programmes at German and foreign universities in accordance with the respective admission requirements.

The study is the basis for subsequent professional activity, which requires a broad basic education with selective specialisation. The study meets this goal through its modularised structure and a high degree of flexibility. Through the study, which conveys the required technical knowledge as well as specific methodological and intercultural competencies, the students acquire the ability to think and work independently.

Compared to other engineering disciplines, the occupational profile of an industrial engineer is quite new. The first course of study in the area was established in 1927 in Berlin. When technology and business connected more and more, the education opportunities increased (1970). A high demand of graduates and many employment opportunities have defined the labour market for industrial engineers over the last couple of years.

Basically, there are industrial engineers in almost every department of a company, but there are some preferred fields of application. Because of the wide-ranging education, industrial engineers are usually confronted with business tasks as well as technical tasks.

Last changed: 22.05.2019