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Occupational profile

Bachelor-Studiengang Betriebswirtschaft

ending with the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree

The Bachelor's degree programme Business Administration is a practice-oriented study programme, which conveys professionally qualifying knowledge and abilities necessary for the demanding activities in business and administration as well as a broad basic knowledge in the core business disciplines and interdisciplinary social competencies. The Bachelor's degree programme Business Administration familiarises students with practical business management methods and instruments for solving management tasks. In addition to conveying current business theories, practical application plays an important role in the corporate context. The aim of the study is to obtain a professional qualification. The successful completion of the degree also qualifies for admission to Master's programmes at German and foreign universities in accordance with the respective admission requirements.


Graduates of the Bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration take on specialist and managerial tasks in companies of various industries or public administration, which require a highly qualified business education. Graduates can expect a wide range of activities in companies where they can apply their specialisation, e.g., in accounting and controlling, in marketing and sales, in human resources, in the control of production as well as materials management and logistics. In addition to qualified specialist tasks, graduates can also take on their first management roles in the companies.

Graduates of the Bachelor's programme Business Administration take over specific expert tasks and leadership tasks which require a higher economic education. They work in various industries or in public institutions. A broad field of activity is open for the graduates, depending on their main courses, e.g. accountancy and controlling, marketing and sales, in human resources, product control, materials management and logistics. Furthermore, graduates also take over first leadership tasks in the companies.

Last changed: 13.02.2019