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Management of Medium-sized Enterprises

The aim of the Master degree programme "Management of medium-sized companies/family firms" is to achieve an education that is equally characterized by scientific excellence and application-related relevance through close cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in industry and business. As part of the study, existing foundational knowledge from the most important disciplines of business administration will be expanded by knowledge of Mittelstand/SME-specific topics. Students deal with interrelated issues that are important for leaders in Mittelstand/SME: Important topics here are technology and innovation or the acquisition of strategically important IT skills for the management of the company. The study programme provides key qualifications that are designed to meet the complexity of leadership roles. This happens in particular through case study work in the courses, a Mittelstand/SME-related practical project and the Master's thesis. In addition to the further path in a small or medium-sized company or family firm, the study should also convey the ability to deal academically with SME-related issues or to become self-employed with appropriate motivation. By restricting the number of students to 20 people, it is possible to tailor the study programme to the further development of individual competences and courses of action.

The Master'sdegree programme begins in the summer semester with a standard duration of three semesters. The present study and examination regulations, the study contents and the courses are designed in such a way that the studies can be successfully completed within the standard period of study. In the first two study semesters, courses at the HTW Dresden are completed in the classroom and as self-study. The Mittelstand practice-oriented project takes place in the second semester in a medium-sized partner company and is also supervised by the university. In the third semester, the Master's thesis is prepared.


Master of Arts (M.A.)




3 Semester

Studienbeginn und Kapazität

Sommersemester / 20 Plätze


Deutsch und Englisch


·Wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Studienanteil


·Soft Skills

·Wissenschaftlich betreutes Praxisprojekt und Masterarbeit






Das Studium ist auch in Teilzeit möglich. Informieren Sie sich beim Studiengangsverantwortlichen Prof. Torsten Gonschorek.


Der Masterstudiengang Management mittelständischer Unternehmen ist im Rahmen der Systemakkreditierung der HTW Dresden akkreditiert.

Informationen zur Systemakkreditierung der HTW Dresden


Der Masterstudiengang Management mittelständischer Unternehmen wird von den Studierenden jährlich im Wintersemester evaluiert. Die letzten Evaluierungen haben folgende Ergebnisse hervorgebracht:

Evaluierung Wintersemester 2012/13

Evaluierung Sommersemester 2016

Evaluierung Wintersemester 2016/17


Bei allgemeinen Anfragen zum Studiengang sowie zur Bewerbung wenden Sie sich bitte an den Studiengangsverantwortlichen:

Prof. Torsten Gonschorek

Tel.:     0351 / 462 - 3362

E-Mail: torsten.gonschorek@htw-dresden.de



Prof. Dr. Torsten Gonschorek

Prof. Dr. Gerard Lewis

Studentische Vertreter:

Robert Pötzsch (Student im 2. Fachsemester)


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