Vortragsankündugung Sustainability in Plant Engineering & Construction

Fakultät WirtschaftswissenschaftenSustainability in Plant Engineering & Construction

12.12.2019 /  15:10 Uhr -  16:40 Uhr

Plant Engineering and Construction is a complex and challenging world of hundreds of suppliers, thousands of equipment pieces and lots of decisions to be made regarding lots of factors. Sustainability is a reason and target for better performance!

What are the challenges in such an international company with huge international projects?
How to implement sustainability into all processes and into the whole Supply Chain?
How to manage all parts to be delivered at the right time & to the right place?
What are the factors for successful Project/Process/Company Management?

Contact: Prof. Dr. Julia Krause, International Industrial Sourcing & Sales, Z 619, -2324, Julia.Krause(at)

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