Student Research Topics

Fakultät Informatik/Mathematik

Topics for theses

Topic Description Supervisor
Speaker recognition and verification The aim is to perform speaker recognition on the basis of voice recordings. Frank Bahrmann,
Oliver Guhr

Topics for project and research seminars

Topic Description Supervisor
Voice Assistants: Develop a Mycroft Skill The goal is to develop a skill based on the Open Source Voice Assistant Mycroft (>Open Source Voice Assistant Mycroft ). The function of the skill will be defined together with the student. Oliver Guhr
Deep Chatter - Language Generation for Robots The statements of robots and digital assistants are limited to mostly on texts that have been programmed into them. Statements even repeat in short conversations which then can quickly become unnatural and boring. In this work we will investigate to what extent Transformer based Deep Learning NLP models such as Bert and GPT/GPT-2 are suitable for making statements with a given content where choice of words and wording varies. Oliver Guhr