Study trips and summer schools

Summer Schools

All inclusive vacation? That's boring! How about participating in a supervised study trip to our partner universities or a summer school.


Collect unforgettable experiences!

  • Gain insight into a foreign education system,
  • Getting to know a partner university of the HTW Dresden,
  • Establish contacts with local students,
  • Testing foreign language skills.
  • general cultural knowledge of the host country,
  • Contact with foreign professors and
  • explore the possibilities of a thesis (diploma thesis, bachelor thesis, master thesis)

We help financing your study trip

We support group study trips abroad, which take place under the supervision of a lecturer from the HTW Dresden. The participants are supported by a PROMOS scholarship. The applicant is the accompanying university teacher of your faculty. Please ask him or her to submit a corresponding application for the group to the International Office.

Study trips from HTW Dresden:

Time Topic Place Faculty Contact More Information
October 2022 Study trip to Tibilisi Tibilisi, Georgia Informatics/Mathematics & Business Administration Prof. Mario Neugebauer More Information
2023 Study Trip Mongolia - Engineering, Science & Culture Ulaanbaatar, Baganuur, Sergelen (Mongolia) Mechanical Engineering Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunther C. Stehr Opal

Current Offers from All Over the World:

When What? Where? Information
general DAAD Go East Sommer Schools various Countries Info
general Online Language Courses University of Granada, Granada (Spain) Info
general Masaryk Summers Schools (various offers) Masaryk University, Brno (Czech Republic) Info
general Language Courses 2021 Online - HTW Dresden Opal
September Modern Electrical Engineering Online - Warsaw University of Technology, Poland Info
Jan. 16th - Jan. 27th Winter School on Physics of the Cell - CellPhys@TN2 University of Trento, Italy Flyer, Info
Jan. 30th - Feb. 10th Winter School on Arms Transfers and Control - ArTCo University of Trento, Italy Flyer, Info

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September 19th, 2022