Study trips and summer schools

Summer Schools

All inclusive vacation? That's boring! How about participating in a supervised study trip to our partner universities or a summer school.


Collect unforgettable experiences!

  • Gain insight into a foreign education system,inblick in ein ausländisches Bildungssystem gewinnen,
  • Getting to know a partner university of the HTW Dresden,
  • Establish contacts with local students,
  • Testing foreign language skills.
  • general cultural knowledge of the host country,
  • Contact with foreign professors and
  • explore the possibilities of a thesis (diploma thesis, bachelor thesis, master thesis)

We help financing your study trip

We support group study trips abroad, which take place under the supervision of a lecturer from the HTW Dresden. The participants are supported by a PROMOS scholarship. The applicant is the accompanying university teacher of your faculty. Please ask him or her to submit a corresponding application for the group to the International Office.

Study trips from HTW Dresden:

We are cautiously optimistic about the second half of the year and would like to provide information about the study trips currently planned in the following table.

Place Time Faculty Contact More Information
Russia/MIIT Moskau WS 21/22 Faculty of Informatics/Mathematics Prof. Elena Klimova Info
Tbilisi (Georgien) September 2021 Faculty of Informatics/Mathematics Prof. Mario Neugebauer Info
Ulaanbaatar and the Orchon-Valley (Mongolia) August/beginning of September 2021 Faculty of Informatics/Mathematics Prof. Block-Berlitz More info is coming soon

Current Offers from All Over the World:

When What? Where? Information
general Summer Programme in European Studies University of Klaipėda, Klaipėda (Lithuania) Info
general DAAD Go East Sommer Schools various Countries Info
general Online Language Courses University of Granada, Granada (Spain) Info
general Masaryk Summers Schools (various offers) Masaryk University, Brno (Czech Republic) Info
Jun. 28th - Jul. 9th Bioeconomy. Sustainable Use of Biological Resources RTU, Riga (Latvia) Info
Jul. 5th - Jul. 23rd Online Ljubljana Summer School Online - University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana (Slovenia) Info
Jul. 5th - Jul. 24rd French Culture and International Trade L'IPAG Business School, Nice (France) Info
Jul. 5th - Jul. 30rd STUDY ABROAD summer courses University of Almeria (UAL), La Cañada de San Urbano Almería (Spain) Info
Jul. 5th - Jul. 30th Robotics: Real Life Applications RTU, Riga (Latvia) Info
Jul. 5th - Jul. 30th Portugese as a Foreign Language Online - UAlg, Faro (Portugal) Flyer, Website
Jul. 5th - Aug. 27th (varying) International Polytechnic Summer School 2021 Online/Hybrid - Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg (Russia) Info
Jul. 12th - Jul. 30th 3D Animation World RTU, Riga (Latvia) Info
Jul. 19th - Jul. 30th Riga – The Pearl Of Latvian Wooden Architecture RTU, Riga (Latvia) Info
Jul. 12th - Jul. 30th Internet of Things For Smart Cities RTU, Riga (Latvia) Info
Jul. 12th - Aug. 7th Intercultural Communication Udayana University, Bali (Indonesia) Info
Jul. 19th - Jul. 30th Polytechnic Energy Summer School Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg (Russia) Info
Jul. 19th - Aug. 14th Summer Institute in the USA Virginia Tech, Blacksburg (USA) Info
Jul. 20th - Aug. 28th French for Engineers Online - EPF, Sceaux (France) Info
Jul. 24th - Aug. 21st Summer University Namibia 2021 VAEA, Viena (Austria) Info
Jul. 26th - Jul. 29th Advances in materials for medicine Online - University of Bergamo, Bergamo (Italy) Info
Aug. 1st - Aug. 21st Learn Arabic and Discover Jordan German Jordanian University, Amman (Jordanien) Info
Aug. 2nd - Aug. 13th BSwiss International Business Summer School FHNW, Basel (Switzerland) Info
Aug. 2nd - Aug. 27th ICT Summer School Online - Metropolia UAS, Helsinki (Finland) Info
Aug. 6th - Aug. 20th Turku Åbo Summer School Universities of Turku, Turun yliopisto (Finland) Info
Aug. 9th - Aug. 20th Time Capsule of Latvian Footprints RTU, Riga (Latvia) Info
Aug. 9th - Aug. 27th Intensive English RTU, Riga (Latvia) Info
Aug. 16th - Aug. 20th 3AMK summer school online course Metropolia UAS, Helsinki (Finland) Info
Aug. 16th - Aug. 27th 20th Century Mass-Housing RE^3 Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Moscow (Russia) Info
Aug. 16th - Aug. 30th Changing Energy Landscape: the EU-Russia Energy Relations Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg (Russia) Info
Aug. 16th - Sep. 3rd Intensive English and Cross-Cultural Communication RTU, Riga (Latvia) Info
Aug. 19th - Aug. 27th Global Leadership RTU, Riga (Latvia) Info
Aug. 23rd - Sep. 2nd Global & sustainable challenges in the beer sector Online or presence - EPHEC, Brussels (Belgium) Info
Sep. 3rd - Sep. 17th Engineering Academy 2021 UCLan, Preston (United Kingdom) Info
Sep. 13th - Sep. 17th Europe and the (Post) COVID-19 World Online - CHarles University (Czech Republic) Info
Oct. 4th - Oct. 8th 12th International Week - economic risks and efficiency in social transformation TU Ostrava, Ostrava (Czech Republic) Info

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