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Facts and Figures

  • Research at a glance

  • 18,49 million €

    Third-Party Funds

  • 23%

    Share of Industry in all Third-Party Funding

  • 5

    Granted Patents

  • 180


  • 6

    Completed Doctorates

  • 200

    Number of Publicly Funded Research Projects

  • Philipp Otter

    Winner of the Young Scientists Award



Research Information System (FIS)

Research Information System

In our research information system you can get a good overview which research projects are being worked at, which doctorates are currently working on their thesis, but also which publications and patents have been published.

Research reports

Research Reports

The annual reports on research at HTW Dresden have been published in compact form since 2015 and present the diverse results and activities in this area. You can expect in summarized form: statistics, overviews of projects as well as short articles and exciting pictures from the research landscape at HTW Dresden.

The cover of 2022 is entitled "Rethinking, rethinking, rethinking. Finding Hooks...Daring New Things." Shown is a graphic recording in the creation phase. Graphic Recording is used to capture the impulses and spoken words of an event. The picture documents the annual celebration of Saxony5. The transfer network of Saxony's universities of applied sciences had a lot to celebrate in 2022: more than 100 project participants and partners from business and society came to celebrate its fifth anniversary. In addition, the network received another funding commitment. You can read more about this in the 2022 research report.


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