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Perhaps research is more to you than what professors do in their free time. Perhaps you are tingling with the desire to try out your own methods and become scientifically active yourself. You can get a taste of what's going on while you're still studying, for example by taking an assistant position in a research project or writing your thesis there. The Graduate Service also opens its doors to students who are interested in science-oriented knowledge and skills. Just give it a try!

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    Theses and Practical Semesters

    If you are interested in a scientific career, you can get a first taste of research during your studies.

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    Research Data Management

    The data of the document or closing operations drive you crazy? We advise you on the structured handling of research data.

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    Publication / Open Access

    The thesis is finished and should be published now freely accessible? We will help you with the integration into the Quocosa system.

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    Inventions and Intellectual Property Rights

    If you have invented something during your studies, we will advise and support you in protecting your idea.

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    Part-time Job and Career Entry

    Are you looking for student assistant positions in research projects or direct career entry in an R&D department? Numerous vacancies are waiting!

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    Would you like to finally realize your idea? We help you find business partners and take the first steps towards your own company.

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    Doctorate and Scientific Career

    For you, a PhD is the next conceivable career step? We advise and accompany you during your doctorate.

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    Graduate Service

    Here you will find offers for strengthening scientifically oriented knowledge and competences as well as networking at HTW Dresden.

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