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HTW Dresden/Sebb

Opening and office hours

Opening and office hours

The university is open and accessible as follows:

The Z-Building is accessible via the main entrance Friedrich-List-Platz and the entrances from the car park and Lindenaustraße, the S-Building via Lindenaustraße and Schnorrstraße, the N-Building via Andreas-Schubert-Straße. All three buildings have disabled access for wheelchair users.

Opening hours and access to the library can be found separately on the library page.

Opening hours Weekdays Saturday Sundays/holidays
Z-/S-Building 6.00-17.00 hours (*1) closed (*2) closed
N-Building 6.00-17.00 hours closed closed
K-Building 6.00-17.00 hours closed (*2) closed
A-Building (main entrance) 6.00-20.00 hours (*4) closed (*2) closed
A-Building (back entrance) 6.00-20.00 hours closed closed
Mensa / Cartography 6.00-21.00 hours (*3) 7.00-21.00 hours (*3) 10.00-21.00 hours (*3)
LGS 6.00-17.00 hours closed closed
Pillnitz 6.00-20.30 hours closed closed
PB Bergweg 23 in Pillnitz 6.00-22.00 hours (*5) closed (*5) closed (*5)


The main entrance door at the gate (Hochschulstraße, guard duty) of the Z-Building is closed on weekdays only from 20:00 hours.

At the 2 main entrances of the Z-Building (access from Hochschulstraße and service yard / parking lot) as well as at entrance "B" of the S-Building, at the main entrance of the K-Building and at the main entrance of the A-Building, access by means of an University chip card (valid service or student ID) is possible in the following times even during closing time:

(*1) Weekday 17:00 - 22:00 hour

(*2) Saturday 6:00 - 16:00 hour

(*3) Generally only for members of the faculty Spatial Information with chip card via card readers (Mensa and Head building)

(*4) Weekday 20:00 - 22:00 hour Access for students and staff

Attention! The times do not apply on on public holidays and during the shutdown over the turn of the year!

(*5) Outside opening hours, the building can only be entered after immediate registration with the security company SWD, stating the name, password and the duration of the stay in the building.

During opening hours, unhindered entry and exit is possible through all entrances and exits.

During closing hours the buildings are locked.
During this time, the Z-/S-building can only be accessed in a controlled manner (attendance list at the security service) via the main entrance Friedrich-List-Platz.
The N-building can only be entered with appropriate locking authorisation.
Wheelchair users have the possibility of being opened by the security service via the handicapped accessible entrance of the Z-building (service yard: cellar, access via ramp) by means of a bell or telephone (2210).

The employees in the other university buildings and in Pillnitz are equipped with keys for the respective front doors. Panic locks ensure that the buildings can be exited in an emergency.

If employees use the buildings during closing hours (in Gutzkow- and Schnorrstraße 16.00-6.00 hrs), they have to lock the used door again.
For the time between 10.00-6.00 p.m. as well as for Sundays and public holidays, an authorisation (informal) from the deans of the respective departments must be deposited with the security service for students' stay at the university in order to ensure security in the building.

Employees of the HTW Dresden who are on the premises during this time must also report their presence to the security service for security reasons.

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