Climate and Environmental Protection

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Climate and Environmental Protection #primaklima

Thank you for your interest in climate and environmental protection.

As a loose association of employees and students of HTW Dresden, the initiative group Climate and Environmental Protection was formed in July 2019 under the name primaklima. [primaklima is a combination of the two German words prima (= good) and Klima (= Climate). The rhyme results in a well noticeable word mark for the initiative.] Its core topics are energy, mobility, recyclable materials, as well as overarching communication and strategy aspects. If you feel this approach appeals to you, we look forward to your message and your participation in one of the next meetings. Experience, knowledge and commitment are always needed! Please contact our service address or one of the contact persons for the focus topics.

In the coming months, this URL will provide an overview of existing activities at HTW Dresden, as well as information about the work of the group. Follow the social media of HTW Dresden, because we try to fill our hashtag #primaklima with life.

Info and Documents

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