Central Project Administration

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Central Project Administration

As members of the Central Project Administration (ZPA) at HTW Dresden, we support the management of funds and the successful implementation of publicly funded research projects. We inform, advise and accompany your projects from the grant notification to the verification of use.


How to reach us

Personally: You will find us in the offices Z 817 and Z 823.

By mail:  House mail number 2003, mailbox in the post office or in front of room Z 823.

By e-mail: zpa@htw-dresden.de

Our Services

  • Funds monitoring/financial controlling
  • funds retrieval
  • Creation of intermediate statements/end use statements including processing of document checks
  • Ensuring the use of funds and compliance with conditions in accordance with the award decision
  • Advice to project managers and implementation of change requests/redirection of project funds
  • Advice/cooperation of the project managers/employees in general personnel and administrative matters
  • Confirmation of funds for SHK/WHK and procurements
  • Controlling/retrieval of the monthly activity reports of the project team members
  • Settlement of disbursed funds (preparation of payment orders, etc.)
  • Preparation of financial and personnel overviews for project managers
  • Maintenance of the sponsor's database

Our Team

Internal "Glossary Central Project Administration"

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